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Moving Packing Tips

Moving Packing Tips – Making Moving a Smart Easy Task

Moving packing tips – can make your moving a smart and easy task – Door To Door Move is here to help you make it so – starting from moving packing tips, through giving you online moving quotes, and by helping you to actually move. 

Put the excitement in the packingMoving Packing Tips

Moving an apartment is a matter that brings – thrill and excitement. It brings with it many things -a new place, maybe finding new friends, maybe even a new job;New beginnings, that’s for sure – especially if you are moving from state to state. The transition is filled with questions about the future and sometimes even concerns. In order to reduce these feelings of unease, which already exist, we have gathered some professional Moving Packing Tips for you, which will make Movingas easy and smooth as possible, and may even save you time, money and aggravation.

Get the right packing equipment… in advance

It is a very common phenomenon that people begin their packing and suddenly realize they are missing some packing supplies… Therefore, it is very important to buy the proper packaging equipment in advance so that when you start packing, the work will be smooth and flowing, and do not suddenly get stuck at 7 PM without important equipment after the shops have already closed.

So what is the equipment to look after?

Plastic adhesive tapes. Do not get the paper adhesive tape – it is not strong enough and can easily tear apart.

Scissorsor other convenient cutting device.

• Material for padding fragile items. You can use newspapers for packing kitchen items, such as glasses and plates. For bigger fragile items you can use blankets, sheets and towels or designated moving pads and blankets.

• You should also have thick markers in several colors. The markers will be used to accurately write the contents of the boxes, and each room will have its own marker color for easy identification and unpacking in your new home.

Boex, Boxes, Boxes! Be sure to have enough boxes in advance. Your moving company will be happy to assist you with calculating how many boxes you actually need.
Also, be sure to have boxes of all sizes. For example, it is important to pack books inside small boxes, clothes and other light items can be packed inside big boxes… In short, always think about your back while packing! And you also don’t want a box to be torn in the middle of the room because it is too heavy.

How to begin?

Room by Room, markers and stickers

A very good recommendation is not to run around from room to room in the house. There are those who start to pack two boxes in a certain room and then move to another room. It is best to work methodically, pack one room to the end, write on each box what it contains, and put a sticker on it.While doing so, it isalso much easier and more convenient to unpack in the new apartment.

Boxes for the first days at your new apartment

It is also important to pack separately in a bag or a box all the things you will use in the days after the moving, so you will not get stuck without available equipment, such as: toiletries, home cleaning products, clothing, etc.

Sometimes the hardest task seems to be – startingsomething, especially a complex task like packing a house, and especially if it’s a long distance move. Therefore, it is important to divide the task into smaller parts, and then everything becomes simpler and even faster.

So here are some important moving packing tips that will make the experience of packaging and moving – smarter, simpler, faster, and even… fun! Enjoy!