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Getting Realstic Moving Quotes Online

What an excitement – It is almost time for your big long distance move. You already know where your children school will be. You even met some nice neighbors around in the several times you came down to check things in the new apartment. You even know where the best Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood is.  Congratulations, what a big brave step to take!

So what’s left to do? Getting a good moving company, of course! A good easy and simple way to begin this process would be in getting moving quotes online. We at Door To Door Move offer you Moving Quotes Onlinejust that – a simple and easy to use calculator that will provide you an idea of how much this long distance move is going to cost you. But before starting we advise you to take some preparatory steps

Things to do before getting your moving quotes online

Many companies offer moving quotes online, but there are some important things for you to consider before taking such an offer. There are few things you need to sort out yourself before you actually turn to get an estimate.   The reason we say this is because most online moving quotes rely on the number of bedrooms you have to move. And first thing you need to do is – ask yourself : how many bedrooms do I actually need to move?

How many things do you need to move?

First thing first. Let’s say you have a 3 bedroom apartment, but you actually only use 2 of these bedrooms, because the third one is only used as kind of a storage room.

The reason this point is important is because most online moving calculators will ask you how many bedrooms you have to move. So, if you only use two of your bedrooms – it is important to understand that, and then of course start sorting things out!

Questions that will help you – declutter!

In order to properly declutter your stuff, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What is this object used for?

    if you don’t know the answer for this question – you probably don’t need this object. As silly as it sounds – many of us have many unused gifts, souvenirs and other objects we have – that we will never ever use.

    Well, if you don’t want to pay too much for your long distance move, and if you want to have your moving estimate right – it’s time to say goodbye to these unused objects.

  • When was the last time I used this object?

    O.K. – so you have this great shirt you got from your best friend in high school. As a matter of fact it was one of your most beloved t-shirts. But let’s face it – you’re not going to wear it anymore! It’s out of fashion, it’s used to be white and now it’s pink (because of a laundry mistake) and most of all – in high school you used to wear 4 and now you wear 10…

To conclude

We guess we don’t need to go on with this examples. The point is that many people go to the moving quotes online with no idea of what they really need to take with them. And surprisingly enough – people think they have a 3 bedroom apartment, but they actually only have items that fit 2 bedrooms apartment, and the moving estimate you will get – will be mostly decided on that parameter.


Door To Door Move wishes you good luck with understanding how many objects you really have, and then we invite you to use our free moving calculator right here on our website.